What is Measure H

Measure H is the fourth bond measure put on the ballot by the San Mateo Community College District since 2001. The measure asks for voters to approve an additional $388 million to continue construction projects at the District’s three campuses: San Mateo, Canada (Redwood City) and Skyline (San Bruno) colleges.

The first bond measure, Measure C, was for $207 million and was approved by voters in 2001. Just four years later, in 2005, the District went to voters again with their second bond, Measure A. This time they asked for $468 million. Voters approved the bond measure and construction continued.

We are now up to $675M generously given to the District by County taxpayers to upgrade & modernize campus buildings to support local students in learning new job skills or transferring to 4-year universities. Add to that an additional $44.3M in interest earned on the invested bond monies for a grand total of $719M. When State capital funding is added the District had almost $1B for campus updating.

In 2011, the District asked for another $564M with the same vague language that allowed the previous bonds to be spent on lavish new buildings, roads, parking lots and athletic facilities more suited to a country club than to a 2-year community college. That third bond measure was defeated by voters.

Now, in 2014, the Community College District is asking for yet another bond for $388M without specifically identifying what projects will be built with the bond money even though they have a Power Point presentation that shows more than half will be spent on new building construction.

The Trustees total disregard of the language they have put before the voters and the poor judgments they have shown in using funds intended for rehabilitation of classrooms instead for construction of lavish buildings is why this District has a major credibility gap and has lost its voters’ trust. But, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Let the Buyer Beware – VOTE NO ON MEASURE H