Misuse of Previous Bond Money

According to the impartial analysis on the ballot, the California Constitution requires the listing of specific projects to be funded from bond revenue yet the District’s “Project List” shows the same vague list of improvements that have misled voters on previous bond measures. What other non-core educational projects lurk behind the vague language of this new bond?  Tired of politicians not saying what they mean or meaning what they say when spending your tax money? VOTE NO on MEASURE H.

A few examples of what extravagant facilities were built hiding behind the previous bond measure’s vague ballot language. To be sure none of these facilities were highlighted in the glossy election ads sent to voters. Rather, the last bond Measure A emphasized updating and modernizing libraries, labs, classrooms, training facilities, handicapped accessibility, seismic retrofits, removing hazardous materials & completing energy efficiency projects. All examples are just from improvements at the CSM campus.

$57,095,034 CSM Health & Wellness Center, primarily a private health club was justified under “Reconstruction/renovation of existing facilities for nursing, anatomy and other science laboratories & classrooms”

$ 6,795,362 CSM Aquatic Center was justified under
“Renovate or replace plumbing, natural gas, storm and sanitary drainage systems and repair, modernize and construct interior and exterior instructional and support facilities…”

$ 5,849,288 CSM Athletic Facilities Upgrade Ph.2 was justified under
“Repair, modernize and construct interior and exterior instructional and support facilities

$86,010,822 CSM College Center and private event rental facility was justified under “Renovation/new construction of facilities to house the Student Support Services Center (e.g., admissions, financial aid, counseling, etc.)” turned into an over-the-top, 4-story extravagance

$46,308,026 Payoff of Facilities Lease Obligations for faculty housing was justified under “Other property acquisitions and improvements to meet student and community needs, including payment of lease obligations, to accommodate growth and improve accessibility”

$44,795,038 CSM site work and parking lots

 $ 7,150,327 North Gateway Plaza, amphitheater and parking lots [plus $9.6M State funds]


Vote NO on Measure H