Misplaced Priorities

Every SMCCCD bond measure – 4 so far – says the District is spending for students.  Examine construction priorities, especially on the CSM campus, and ask whether students are the priority. Click on the images to enlarge.

  • $46 million to pay off leases for faculty housing




  • $58 million to replace the CSM Student Union with a Health and Wellness Center and the private San Mateo Athletic Club




-a taxpayer funded club which doesn’t allow students taking classes there to use the showers, changing areas, hair dryers or vanity areas!






… instead, students must use showers and stalls in the old student gym









  • $90 million for the College Center, replacing the razed Student Union.  The top floor also has five conference rooms for rent –one exceeding 1300 sq. ft. – cantilevered off the 4th floor.  At 140,000 sq. ft., construction costs were  almost $650 per square foot, a staggering sum.   See http://evstudio.com/construction-cost-per-square-foot-for-student-unions/ for comparison costs.


  • Is it any wonder former State Assemblyman Gene Mullen said his tour of the recently completed College Center was like “walking through the Taj Mahal of community colleges.” The San Matean, November 9, 2011







  • The College Center’s top floor, with sweeping views of the Bay, features luxurious office suites for President Mike Claire and top administrators.






  • $3 million for the lower Hillsdale parking lot, more than half rented to private companies for employee parking. CSM students aren’t allowed to park in a lot built for them!







  • $10+ million, work in progress, for a huge parking lot at the North end of the campus, even though CSM President Mike Claire said it isn’t needed for student parking. “…the college does have an adequate number of parking spaces for students… we have been able to accommodate all student parking even during times of peak demand.” President Mike Claire, San Mateo Daily Journal, August 21, 2014.







  • And untold millions for luxurious landscaping, specimen trees, and acres of grass, kept green even during the drought.







  • Instead of these extravagant and unnecessary expenses, why wasn’t the Student Health Services remodeled?







  • Or the student gym and locker rooms repaired?    Or old equipment and furniture replaced in the student library?

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