SMCCCD not meeting their core educational mission

SMCCCD enrollment is declining and there is no projected growth in the San Mateo County college-age population for the foreseeable future. At the same time the demand for distance (on-line) learning is increasing, not requiring expensive new construction.

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Less than 10% of the students (3,820) attending the SMCCCD colleges are transferring to the California university system or getting associate degrees or technical training certificates. These are very expensive facilities that taxpayers are supporting for few students to learn new job skills or transfer to 4-year colleges.

70% of students new to the Colleges are not prepared for college-level work and are placed into remedial or developmental coursework. Extravagant new buildings are not needed for this important function. Construction does not equal education!

Over half a million dollars is budgeted to develop global strategies for marketing and recruitment of international students and offering teach/study abroad opportunities for faculty and students. Is this actually necessary for a 2-year community college?


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