Lies on the Ballot

CA Constitution requires the listing of ‘specific’ school facilities projects to be funded from the bond revenue. The Bond Projects List which is not on the ballot and only in the voter information pamphlet states “Whenever specific items are included in the following list, they are presented to provide examples and are not intended to limit the generality of the broader description of authorized projects. The order in which particular projects are listed is not intended to indicate priority for funding or completion.” So what the voters think they are voting for is essentially meaningless. This gives the District a blank check.

The Bond Projects List (which does not appear on the ballot) is a laundry list of everything the District could possibly fantasize about and suitably vague to allow anything. This vague language is how the previous bond allowed a private athletic club, upgraded athletic fields, lavish administrative offices, extravagant amounts of expensive paving and parking lots, and payoff of lease debt for faculty housing instead of the promises to upgrade and modernize classrooms and labs for 21st century jobs.

The actual 2014 Ballot does not identify what projects the District really intends to build with the bond money. The District’s own Power Point Proposed Project Summary for the $388M they are seeking includes a new $100M Creative Arts theater building at Skyline, a new $55M Kinesiology & Wellness Building (gym) at Canada, and a new $40M Kinesiology and Wellness Building in addition to a new $30M expansion of the 4-year old Health and Wellness Building (private athletic club and classrooms) at CSM.


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