We are a diverse group of students and community residents who are concerned about the way taxpayer money is being spent by the San Mateo Community College District Trustees. We see many examples of waste and extravagant spending while Trustees continue to ask for more money. We are also very concerned about how Trustees have exempted themselves from laws and procedures that other government entities – and private citizens – must follow. Finally, many of us decided to take action when we saw how community and student interests were being pushed aside and kept out of the decision-making process.

Before any more money is given to the college district, we need Trustees we can actually trust and a Bond Oversight Committee that is independent from the Trustees and has the power to say “no” to extravagant spending.

As in past bond and tax measures, the campaign is being financed by special interests. We don’t have money to mail out glossy four-color mailers and run television commercials. We are relying on you, as a responsible voter, to educate yourself about these issues.

Please visit the various links on our website to learn more. We thank you for your time.

 Vote NO on Measure H


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